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Attacks are Relentless
Protect Yourself with Context-Aware Security Analytics
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  • Monitor

    Lancope's StealthWatch System leverages existing resources to deliver pervasive network visibility and continuously monitor for advanced threats.  In-depth security context creates a complete picture of network activity.   

    Obtain comprehensive, scalable enterprise visibility and security context.
    Gain real-time situational awareness of all users, devices and traffic on the network.
    Monitor lateral movement using the network as a sensor.
  • Detect

    The StealthWatch System transforms network data into actionable security intelligence for faster threat detection. Identify suspicious behaviors that could signify APTs, insider threats, DDoS attempts or malware. 

    Leverage network behavior anomaly detection and analytics.
    Easily detect behaviors linked to APTs, insider threats, DDoS and malware.
    Benefit from StealthWatch Labs’ advanced security algorithms.
  • Analyze

    The StealthWatch System provides advanced forensic tools to help you understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of security breaches for improved incident response. 

    Collect and analyze holistic network audit trails.
    Achieve faster root cause analysis.
    Conduct thorough forensic investigations.
  • Respond

    Continuously collect, analyze and store large amounts of valuable network data to effectively respond to threats before, during and after a security incident. 

    Accelerate network troubleshooting and threat mitigation.
    Quickly and effectively respond to threats before, during and after a security incident.
    Continuously improve enterprise security posture.