Voting now open! 2014 SC Awards by Angela Frechette Cannon

Lancope is a nominee for the 2014 SC Awards in the “Best APT Solution” and “Best Computer Forensics Solution” categories of the Reader Trust awards. Voting is now open until October 11. Eligible end users are encouraged to vote here.

Lancope’s StealthWatch System delivers powerful network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). APTs anticipate and evade conventional security defenses, often employing social engineering tactics to steal credentials and obtain access. Technologies that guard just the perimeter of the network, or that rely on signature updates to detect attacks, are often rendered powerless in the face of an APT. Unlike other security solutions, StealthWatch uncovers both externally-launched attacks and suspicious insider behaviors, without relying on signature updates, allowing organizations to detect sophisticated attackers along multiple points of their “kill chain.”

By collecting, analyzing and storing large amounts of NetFlow and other types of flow data for months or even years, StealthWatch also provides a comprehensive, cost-effective audit trail of network transactions for performing more effective forensic investigations. The system quickly unveils the full scope of what happened, including who was responsible, how the attack was launched, and what infected machines did after they were compromised. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive manual investigations, and enables security teams to better understand and prevent future attacks.

Further details on StealthWatch for combating advanced threats can be found here: And don’t forget to vote for Lancope in the 2014 SC Awards!