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Brandon Tansey is a security researcher at Lancope working to find ways to better utilize NetFlow to solve information security problems. Prior to his current position at Lancope, Brandon worked as both a security engineer and a security analyst in a high security environment.

Thwarting Zeus Gameover’s Extra Life with SLIC

A new variant of the Zeus Gameover malware has been discovered, which we are calling "Extra Life." Earlier this morning, we began to include the domains from Extra Life’s DGA in our StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center (SLIC) Threat Feed. READ MORE

Zeus Gameover, the Department of Justice, and the SLIC Threat Feed

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Justice announced actions taken to disrupt both the Zeus Gameover botnet and CryptoLocker ransomware infrastructure. This has provided a short window during which organizations can seek out these attacks within their environments and get rid of them. Lancope's SLIC Threat Feed has provided coverage for CryptoLocker since earlier this year, and coverage for Zeus Gameover has just been added as well. READ MORE

Capture the flag!

Lancope has put together a "capture the flag" contest based around solving security/hacking challenges, complete with prizes, and now we want you to try it! The event starts on Friday, June 6, 2014. READ MORE

Mitigating Cryptolocker with the StealthWatch System

Lancope is helping to protect our customers by incorporating Cryptolocker’s domain generation algorithm with the SLIC Threat Feed, allowing us to add the domains Cryptolocker will communicate with before they’re even registered. READ MORE