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Charles Herring is a senior systems engineer at Lancope. Prior to joining the Lancope team, he was a long-time StealthWatch user while serving as a network security analyst with the U.S. Navy.

When An Alarm Isn’t

Recent investigations at Target and Neiman Marcus both revealed that alarms concerning their respective breaches were sent to responders without action following. READ MORE

Dealing with Insider Threats

Insider threats are one of the hardest attack vectors to thwart. The advanced threat detection and forensic logging of the StealthWatch System can make it much harder for a trusted resource to become a turncoat. READ MORE

Processing IOCs in the StealthWatch System

As Indicators of Compromise become available, it is critical that organizations apply them to historical data to determine if a breach has occurred. The StealthWatch System provides a processing and storage engine that allows organizations to accomplish this task. READ MORE

Protecting Windows XP from Exploit

Windows XP going out of support is causing significant stress to security professionals as attackers salivate at the opportunity for exploit. Hardening these vulnerable endpoints is the first step in reducing risk followed by strong network segmentation to slow an attacker’s ability to penetrate deeper into the network. READ MORE

Reigning in External Services with NetFlow

By utilizing NetFlow data, external services can be accurately monitored. Reporting on usage from locations, business units and users can be quickly resolved via StealthWatch dashboards. As more services move to the Internet it is important to ensure visibility into organizational data is not lost. READ MORE