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Charles Herring is a consulting security architect at Lancope. Prior to joining the Lancope team, he was a long-time StealthWatch user while serving as a network security analyst with the U.S. Navy. Charles spends most of his time consulting with Fortune 2000 companies in the Midwest US on detecting and mitigating advanced, sophisticated attacks that leverage 0day exploits and insider threats.

Protecting the Crown Jewels

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Coaxing Heads from the Security Sand

There are many challenges in moving from “plausible deniability” to full visibility. Spending some time doing honest evaluation and reporting is a good first step. READ MORE

School of NBAD Series: NBAD Relationship Anomaly Detection

Observing specific traffic relationships on the network can reveal data theft, advanced threats and denial of service. READ MORE

School of NBAD: NBAD Host Anomaly Detection

By creating thresholds for acceptable behavior on different types of hosts across the network, NBAD can alert security analysts to advanced attacks or insiders threats. READ MORE

Hospitals are Bleeding Data

Healthcare organizations have become a prime target for exploit. Intelligent Network Security Visibility and forensic logging can make it much more difficult for attackers to succeed. READ MORE