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David Brooks is a Professional Services Ninja at Lancope. He has 15 years of technical operations experience for a wide variety of organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, enjoys thinking about and discussing pragmatic solutions to security problems, evangelizing the benefits of NetFlow, and cave diving.

Twitter:  @0xDAB

How to Configure NetFlow:  Cisco NX-OS devices

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How to Configure NetFlow: Generic Cisco IOS Devices

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Necessary Roughness: Tackle Network Threats with NetFlow

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StealthWatch Detects Pony-derived Botnets via SLIC

StealthWatch detects Pony-derrived botnets right in our existing SLIC feed, under the "ponyloader" moniker. Conversational visibility from NetFlow provides an excellent forensic and real-time source for tracking this type of behavior on your own network. READ MORE

Big Problems in 140 Characters or Less

There is no silver bullet to protect your twitter accounts or other confidential assets from being hacked, but there are steps you can take to identify and stop malicious activity before it becomes a crisis. READ MORE