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Matt Robertson is a technical marketing engineer at Lancope focused on behavior based detection and analysis of security events.  Prior to joining Lancope Matt was a technical marketing engineer at Cisco Systems.

StealthWatch System 6.5–User-defined Threat Criteria

The Lancope StealthWatch System version 6.5 introduces a new feature referred to as User-defined Threat Criteria, which is the ability for the security operator to create custom events for their environment to generate Indicators of Compromise. READ MORE

StealthWatch 6.5 – Dynamic Flow Analysis

The new dynamic flow analysis functionality in the Lancope StealthWatch System 6.5 was designed to support the fluid nature of an investigation, allowing a investigator to quickly and easily search flow data, filter the results to those flows of interest and easily visualize what has happened on the network. READ MORE

Identifying BlackPOS Infected Hosts

Learn how to leverage the Lancope StealthWatch System to identify hosts that have been infected by BlackPOS in the past (and likely continue to be infected). READ MORE

Integrating the StealthWatch System with SIEMs

Learn how to best integrate NetFlow into an existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) deployment. READ MORE
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