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Scott Block brings 12 years of technology product marketing experience to Lancope focused in the wireless and mobile application arena. Most recently, Scott headed up the wireless and cloud Services product marketing initiative for Sprint’s wholesale division. Prior to being at Sprint, he was responsible for wireless product marketing & product management at Cbeyond Communications. His responsibilities included pricing, product messaging and positioning and managing the device portfolio mix. Scott was also a key contributor in the launch of Cox Communications’ wireless service and has held key roles in product marketing and product management at Sybase (an SAP Company), and Cingular Wireless (now ATT) where he drove product management and product marketing for the enterprise data business unit.

Conscious Coupling – How Technology Partnerships Increase Customer Satisfaction

In today’s fast-paced, growing world of cyber security, one cannot rely on a single means to get to market. Organizations need partnerships to expand sales reach, develop and enhance technologies and integrate with complementary solutions that expand product capabilities. READ MORE

Why a CSO is Crucial for Large Enterprises: A Response to CIO Insight Article

A commentary on excerpts of an article posted on March 11, 2014 by Jack Rosenberger of CIO Insight: The Complicated Relationship Between CIO and CSO’s. An interview and discussion with Eric Coles, a Sans Institute Faculty Fellow. READ MORE

DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation

DDoS attacks are not abating. On the contrary, they are becoming more prevalent, widespread and with more debilitating effects. Companies on-going business operations are being brought to a complete halt by these sort of attacks, so organization of all types need to harden their defenses and implement a flexible, scalable and highly effective DDoS prevention strategy. READ MORE