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The StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC) is Lancope’s research initiative through which global intelligence on the Internet’s top threats is delivered to customers and the public at large. Lancope’s research group, known as StealthWatch Labs, conducts both in-house research and taps into a broad community of third-party experts and partners to aggregate emerging threat information from around the world.

Lancope Survey: Organizations Are Becoming More Aware of Online Threats

This year at Infosecurity Europe, Lancope surveyed conference participants on the state of cyber security. The survey demonstrated that organizations are slowly becoming more aware of attacks within their networks. Amongst the respondents, top security concerns included insider threats, mobile devices, APTs, cloud security and reputational damage from cyber-attacks. READ MORE

Hunting PUTTER PANDA with Lancope

Security researchers are tracking cyber espionage attacks thought to be stemming from a unit of the Chinese PLA, operating under the codename PUTTER PANDA. As with other prominent attacks, organizations can leverage Lancope’s StealthWatch System to search their networks for IOCs from the PUTTER PANDA attacks to determine if they were a victim. READ MORE

Stop and Smell the “Saffron Rose”

This week, FireEye produced a report on “Operation Saffron Rose,” a cyber espionage campaign launched by an Iranian hacking group known as the Ajax Security Team. With Lancope’s StealthWatch System, organizations can perform flow queries based on IOCs from this attack to help determine if they were a victim. READ MORE