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Cyber Shakedowns

Over the last month, some fairly high-profile cyber shakedowns have occurred, recurring incidents with CryptoLocker, and notably the attack on Code Spaces on June 17. The recent outbreak of this type of criminal activity is unfortunate, and what happened is quite alarming. READ MORE

School of NBAD Series: NBAD Relationship Anomaly Detection

Observing specific traffic relationships on the network can reveal data theft, advanced threats and denial of service. READ MORE

School of NBAD Series: NBAD Behavioral Detection

NBAD monitoring of host behaviors on a network requires the use of sophisticated counters and indices. This method of advanced detection allows mature NBAD solutions to catch recon, targeted botnet infection and DDoS attacks. READ MORE

Conscious Coupling – How Technology Partnerships Increase Customer Satisfaction

In today’s fast-paced, growing world of cyber security, one cannot rely on a single means to get to market. Organizations need partnerships to expand sales reach, develop and enhance technologies and integrate with complementary solutions that expand product capabilities. READ MORE