Lancope CTO Speaking at CyberSecureGov Conference by Angela Frechette Cannon

Next week, Lancope CTO TK Keanini will present at the (ISC)2 CyberSecureGov conference in Washington, D.C. The session, “From Infiltration to Exfiltration: Leveraging Advanced Tools for Early Threat Detection,” to be delivered on Tuesday, June 3 at 9:00 a.m., will discuss advanced threat detection techniques that fill in the gaps left by conventional security technologies. These advanced techniques would have made it extremely difficult for many of the recent, high-profile government and enterprise data breaches to have ever occurred unnoticed.

Advanced adversaries will always find a way to infiltrate today’s networks. Information security professionals need to make it harder for attackers to operate once inside. Today, looking inside the network and gathering in-depth threat intelligence are critical components for raising the adversary’s costs to operate and effectively protecting sensitive data and assets.

Attendees to the session will:

  • Understand how the motives and techniques of online attackers have changed over the last couple of decades
  • Realize why conventional security tools like firewalls and antivirus are no longer enough to fend off today’s advanced threats
  • Learn how to leverage continuous monitoring and obtain a 24/7 audit trail of network activity to significantly improve threat detection, incident response and forensic investigations
  • Discover how to detect and thwart attacks in each phase of the attacker’s kill chain
  • Understand how advanced techniques such as NetFlow analysis can be used to gain in-depth network visibility and security intelligence for fending off sophisticated attacks

The full (ISC)2 CyberSecureGov agenda can be found here. For more information on advanced threat detection with Lancope, go to: