Edge Web Hosting Increases Network Visibility with StealthWatch by Angela Frechette Cannon

Edge Web Hosting guarantees 100% uptime for its more than 500 managed hosting customers around the world. The company relies on Lancope’s StealthWatch System to help keep this promise and to protect its network from a full gamut of cyber-attacks.

Before implementing StealthWatch, Edge Web Hosting was having a hard time finding a network and security monitoring solution that could scale to accommodate the massive amount of data generated on its network. StealthWatch was able to meet and exceed the organization’s needs with the ability to collect and analyze up to 3 million flows per second (fps) of traffic.

StealthWatch delivers comprehensive visibility across physical and virtual networks, which enables Edge Web Hosting to respond faster to a wide variety of potential issues – including:

  • problems with customer environments
  • security breaches, hacking attempts, DDoS attacks
  • network abuses and insider threats
  • performance slowdowns

According to Edge Web Hosting, “Problems that used to take hours or even days to solve can now be identified and remediated within seconds.” The company added, “StealthWatch allows us to quickly detect and drill down into abnormalities in network activity to get ahead of potential attacks and breaches.”

For further details on Edge Web Hosting’s use of StealthWatch, go to: http://www.lancope.com/resource-center/case-studies/edge-web-hosting-case-study/.