Lancope to Present at FIRST Conference Next Week by Angela Frechette Cannon

Next week, Lancope’s Technical Product Marketing Manager, Matt McKinley, will make his way to Thailand to discuss insider threats and targeted attacks at the FIRST Conference. During his session on Tuesday, June 18, McKinley will share best practices for detecting malicious insiders and sophisticated, external attackers on the network.

The activities of negligent and nefarious insiders, as well as targeted attacks such as APTs, are difficult to differentiate from legitimate network transactions – especially when using conventional, perimeter- and signature-based security measures. McKinley’s presentation will cover recent research on the characteristics and behaviors associated with insider threats and targeted, external attacks, as well as discuss technologies like NetFlow that can help organizations detect them. 

FIRST conferences promote worldwide coordination among Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs), providing a forum for sharing ideas and information on improving global computer security. Further details on McKinley and his presentation can be found here. For more information on NetFlow for combating advanced threats, go to: