Lancope Presentation at InfoSec World Conference Next Week by Angela Frechette Cannon

Next Monday, April 7, Lancope Senior Systems Engineer Andy Wilson will deliver a presentation on “Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails” at the InfoSec World Conference in Orlando, FL. During the presentation, Andy will cover:

  • Why conventional security technologies are not sufficient for fending off advanced attacks
  • How to leverage NetFlow to create an audit trail of network activity
  • How this audit trail can help identify and thwart advanced attacks in each phase of the attacker’s “kill chain”
  • How network audit trails can also be used for network forensics

In today’s environment of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sophisticated, targeted attacks, organizations must find new and innovative ways to detect and thwart attackers within their networks. This presentation will provide conference attendees with best practices for increasing their network security.

Held by the MIS Training Institute, InfoSec World is designed to help arm attendees with the latest tools and most current information to protect their organizations from online threats. Click here for the full conference agenda. For more information on Lancope technology for combating advanced threats, go to: