July “University of NetFlow” Seminars – Hartford, Toronto and Atlanta by Angela Frechette Cannon

Starting next week, July will bring a full schedule of Lancope “University of NetFlow” seminars to Hartford, Toronto and Atlanta. Attendees to these complimentary seminars will learn how to harness the power of NetFlow data within their existing infrastructure to cost-effectively obtain comprehensive network visibility and security intelligence.

With today’s threat landscape in a state of constant evolution, organizations can no longer get by with conventional signature- and perimeter-based security tools designed to detect known attacks and keep the “bad guys” out of the network. Today’s attackers are stealthy, persistent and, in the case of insider threats, already have access to your network. The only way to combat this new league of attackers is to know exactly what is going on inside your network so that anomalies that could signify risk can be quickly identified and addressed.

IT, networking and security professionals near Hartford, Toronto and Atlanta are encouraged to join Lancope this month to learn how to gain more insight and control over their infrastructure and successfully combat advanced attacks. July “University of NetFlow” dates are as follows:

For more information on the complimentary seminars, including the agenda and full schedule through November, go to: http://www.lancope.com/company-overview/university-of-netflow/. Further details on fighting advanced attacks with NetFlow can be found here.