Free March Network and Security Training Seminars by Angela Frechette Cannon

Lancope’s robust schedule of free Network and Security Training Seminars continues with five sessions in March. Network and security professionals in and around Texas, Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, NC can leverage these courses to significantly improve their defenses against sophisticated cyber-attacks. The course is designed to share the industry knowledge and cutting-edge research derived from Lancope’s security team with network and security practitioners.

By collecting and analyzing NetFlow and other types of flow data from existing network infrastructure, organizations can quickly detect and contain malicious threats that bypass other security defenses. Join Lancope for one of these one-day seminars, which include both expert presentations and hands-on labs to help attendees cost-effectively maximize the use of NetFlow within their environments to gain greater network insight and actionable security intelligence:

Learn how to:

  • Dramatically increase network visibility and security intelligence
  • Accelerate threat detection, network forensics and incident response
  • Detect stealthy attacks that bypass traditional defenses
  • Quickly identify insider misuse and abuse
  • Enhance compliance

For further details on the free seminars, including additional upcoming dates, or to register, go to: