Upcoming Webinar: Securing the Data Center by Angela Frechette Cannon

On Tuesday, May 13, Lancope will deliver a complimentary webinar entitled “Securing the Data Center.” The presenter will discuss how organizations can protect their data centers from dangerous attacks including advanced malware, APTs, insider threats and DDoS.

In light of the constant wave of security breaches making headlines around the world, many organizations are bolstering their network defenses with perimeter- and signature-based technologies. Unfortunately, these tools provide little protection for the data center where the majority of corporate assets and data are stored.

Join Lancope and learn how to leverage your existing network resources to:

  • Obtain in-depth visibility into the data center, including virtual systems
  • Quickly detect and address anomalies that could signify risks
  • Prevent devastating data loss
  • Accelerate incident response
  • Improve forensics and compliance

Click here to register for the free webinar. Further details on protecting the data center from advanced attacks can be found here.