New NAT Support announced by Lancope by Angela Frechette Cannon

Lancope announced today that it is now consuming network address translation (NAT) fields in flow data from select devices to explicitly define the source IP address responsible for network congestion or anomalous traffic. New NAT support provides more granular visibility at the network edge for greatly improved security and performance.

The stitching and deduplication of NAT records helps eliminate the time-consuming guesswork involved in tracking down the perpetrators of bad behavior on the network. “Visibility into user identity across NAT points on the network has quickly become critical for effectively addressing security, performance, compliance and other issues,” said Joe Yeager, director of product management for Lancope. “…without the ability to quickly and accurately obtain this information, organizations could find themselves wasting valuable time pouring through log files or caught up in some serious issues that go way beyond just the IT department.”

New NAT support is available now. Click here for further information.