Upcoming Webinar: A Look Inside CryptoLocker and Operation Tovar by Angela Frechette Cannon

Next Thursday, July 17, Lancope will present a complimentary webinar on Operation Tovar, which is the takedown of CryptoLocker and Zeus Gameover led by the U.S. Department of Justice.

People often focus on how malware steals information, however the information it leaves behind should not be overlooked. Through reverse engineering, organizations can leverage this key information to investigate previous incidents and prevent future attacks.

Join Lancope to learn about the reverse engineering of CryptoLocker and how the Department of Justice took advantage of its weaknesses to help thwart the attack. Also discover how you can leverage reverse engineering to better understand and prevent other malware attacks in the future.

To register for the webinar, “Reverse Engineering Malware: A look Inside Operation Tovar,” go to: http://www.lancope.com/company-overview/webinar/reverseengineering-tovar/. Further information on CryptoLocker can be found at: http://www.lancope.com/blog/cryptolocker/.