Combined Internal and External Monitoring for Advanced Security Context

This week, Palo Alto Networks announced a technology partnership with Lancope to improve enterprise network security. By consuming NetFlow records from Palo Alto’s Next-Generation Firewalls, Lancope’s StealthWatch System delivers in-depth network insight and security intelligence for detecting and remediating a wide range of issues facing enterprise infrastructure. Lancope integrates flow-based monitoring of the internal network with intelligence from perimeter devices such as firewalls to extend network visibility and behavioral analytics to the network edge, increasing the contextual awareness needed to combat today’s advanced threats.

Widely deployed across Global 2000 enterprise and government networks, StealthWatch plays a key role in defense-in-depth security strategies, enabling rapid incident response to minimize costly downtime and limit potential damage. With StealthWatch, organizations can detect evolving threats including zero-day, insider and APT attacks, as well as effectively address growing trends such as cloud computing and BYOD.

Highlights of the combined Lancope and Palo Alto solution include:

  • Real-time monitoring of host and application behaviors
  • Enterprise application usage and performance monitoring
  • Mitigation of evolving threats
  • Archived audit trail of network IP communications
  • Extensive network performance reports

The full Palo Alto announcement can be found here. Click here for more information on integrating internal and external monitoring for improved network security.

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