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POSTED BY TK Keanini on 10.30.2014
This past year, we have seen some pretty scary stuff happen in cybersecurity. Being that Halloween is almost here, I thought I would share with you some scenarios that keep me up at night. If you enjoy a good scare, read on.
POSTED BY TK Keanini on 10.27.2014
The OODA Loop: A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security Security threats have changed tremendously in the last few decades. Instead of the smash-and-grab tactics of 20 years ago, threats are adaptive, persistent, and hard to identify. As the bad guys grow and evolve, the cyber security industry must...
POSTED BY TK Keanini on 10.22.2014
To safeguard information that could bring harm to your organization or customers if it falls into the wrong hands, you need to be ready to respond promptly and proactively to an attack and take immediate control of the situation. One wrong click has the potential to compromise your network and data, but utilizing secure communication and promoting safe habits among users can significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful attack.
POSTED BY on 10.15.2014
Lancope Director of Security Research Tom Cross will deliver a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, October 22 at 11 a.m. ET / 8 a.m. PT to help organizations cope with ever-advancing cyber threats. On today's increasingly militarized Internet, companies, non-profits, activists and individual...
POSTED BY Brandon Tansey on 10.15.2014
A few short weeks ago, the details of the Shellshock vulnerability were made public. Since the bug was published, we’ve seen all kinds of scanning activity on the Internet. Some of these scans were benign scans by researchers, but others were distributing malware. We were immediately curious about...
POSTED BY Keith Wilson on 09.30.2014
In my last two posts, I’ve walked through the steps an attacker would take when performing reconnaissance and then weaponization . Today we’re going to continue our climb up the Cyber Security Kill Chain as we utilize social engineering to deliver our malware to the victim. During reconnaissance I...
POSTED BY Coty Sugg on 09.29.2014
Last week, Charles Herring gave a presentation on Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) titled “Looking for the Weird.” He discussed how real-world breaches in 2013 were detected by looking at traffic deviating from normal patterns via metadata and NetFlow analysis. Afterwards, Herring held the...
POSTED BY Brandon Tansey on 09.25.2014
On Wednesday afternoon, the details behind CVE-2014-6271 were published to the OSS-Sec mailing list. Shortly after that, the bug that is now being called “Shellshock” took off. Troy Hunt put together another write-up worth reading (the comments have some good information as well), but in short:...
POSTED BY Tom Cross on 09.17.2014
One of the concerns that has been raised about the Heartbleed vulnerability is that it was introduced into the OpenSSL code base several years ago, and it’s possible that some attackers were aware of it and launching attacks before it was publicly disclosed this week. Unfortunately, the attack,...
POSTED BY Angela Frechette Cannon on 09.09.2014
This week, Lancope is sponsoring and exhibiting at HP’s annual security user conference, HP Protect. HP relies on Lancope’s StealthWatch System to provide its network security team with a cost-effective, yet powerful way to monitor and analyze network traffic.