Lancope Survey: Enterprises Have a “False Sense of Security” by Angela Frechette

This week, Lancope released the results of a survey conducted at a large technology tradeshow in Europe. The survey revealed that many organizations have a “false sense of security.” More than 65 percent of respondents said they did not think, or were unsure whether, they had experienced any security incidents at all within the last 12-18 months. According to Lancope’s director of security research, Tom Cross, this scenario is not likely.

The survey also revealed that 38 percent believe recent security incidents had no impact on their organization. According to Cross, “even the most basic malware infection has some financial cost to the organization, even if it’s just the cost to clean infected machines.”

Lancope was encouraged, however, to see “lack of visibility” top the list of greatest risks identified by survey participants, as well as “monitoring user activity” designated as a key challenge. Amidst today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, internal network monitoring and visibility should be top priorities for security organizations.

To view the full survey report, go to: resource-center/industry-reports/enterprise-network-security-report/. Further details on obtaining in-depth network visibility can be found here.