SLIC Threat Feed unveiled by Lancope by Angela Frechette Cannon

Lancope announced this week that it is now offering the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC) Threat Feed to provide enhanced detection capabilities for botnets and advanced malware. The SLIC Threat Feed draws upon global threat intelligence to continuously monitoring customer networks for thousands of known C&C servers. StealthWatch correlates this data with suspicious network activity to improve incident response and reduce enterprise risk.

“Using covert command-and-control techniques, criminals are using infected internal systems as a launch point for conducting reconnaissance, spreading malware and stealing data to exploit and compromise entire enterprises,” said Joe Yeager, director of product management for Lancope. “With StealthWatch now correlating suspicious network activity with intelligence from our global threat feed in real time, an organization has a more complete picture for early threat detection and fast, effective incident response.”

The SLIC Threat Feed is currently available. For more details, go to: