Tag: Advanced Persistent Threat

Hunting PUTTER PANDA with Lancope

Security researchers are tracking cyber espionage attacks thought to be stemming from a unit of the Chinese PLA, operating under the codename PUTTER PANDA. As with other prominent attacks, organizations can leverage Lancope’s StealthWatch System to search their networks for IOCs from the PUTTER PANDA attacks to determine if they were a victim. READ MORE

Upcoming Black Hat Talk – Military Strategies for Cyber Security

Black Hat USA 2014 is just around the corner, and our very own Tom Cross is teed up to deliver an important talk on the use of military strategies in cyber security, entitled "The Library of Sparta." Participants will leave the session with an entirely new arsenal of military-grade tactics for taking on even the most advanced threats. READ MORE

StealthWatch v6.5 – Data Hoarding

Lancope's StealthWatch System v6.5 has introduced new security algorithms to help detect these types of activities, known as data hoarding. READ MORE

Operation SnowMan Currently Targeting US Military Personnel

A waterhole campaign is currently targeting US military personnel. The campaign was launched this week from the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars’ website and is associated with two previous APT campaigns. If your organization employs current or former US military personnel, you should check to see their systems have been compromised. READ MORE

Unmasking the Careto/Mask APT with StealthWatch

Careto, like many sophisticated, targeted attacks, has gone undetected on target networks for many, many years. Because the StealthWatch System can store months or years of NetFlow, you can use it to determine if you’ve ever communicated with any of the exploit delivery or command and control points associated with these attacks in the past. READ MORE