Tag: Advanced Threats

Lancope Presenting at AIM Infotec Next Week

Next Wednesday, April 16, Lancope Senior Systems Engineer Charles Herring will present a session entitled "2013 Breaches Caught by Network Behavioral Anomaly Detection" at the AIM Infotec conference in Omaha, Nebraska. READ MORE

Lancope Presentation at InfoSec World Conference Next Week

Next Monday, April 7, Lancope Senior Systems Engineer Andy Wilson will deliver a presentation on “Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails” at the InfoSec World Conference in Orlando, FL. The presentation will provide conference attendees with best practices for increasing their network security. READ MORE

SC Magazine Europe Names Lancope a Finalist in Two Annual Awards Categories

Lancope’s StealthWatch System has been selected as a finalist in the Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection and Best Computer Forensics Solution categories of the 2014 SC Magazine Awards Europe. The SC Magazine Europe awards presentation will take place on the evening of Tuesday, April 29 in London. READ MORE

Unmasking the Careto/Mask APT with StealthWatch

Careto, like many sophisticated, targeted attacks, has gone undetected on target networks for many, many years. Because the StealthWatch System can store months or years of NetFlow, you can use it to determine if you’ve ever communicated with any of the exploit delivery or command and control points associated with these attacks in the past. READ MORE

Exploiting Responsibility Gaps: The Space Between Networking and Security

Because security professionals are mainly looking for security events, and security technologies are focused on attacks and abuse, they miss the predictors in network traffic that lead up to a security incident. The other side of this fact is that the networking team is just monitoring for availability and performance management, so adversaries can get into a network and explore all they want as long as they don’t trigger any of the non-security related events. We need to close this gap created by the org charts that paint these areas of responsibility as isolated, because the adversaries are exploiting this day in and day out. READ MORE