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Cisco Adds Lancope to New Security Technology Partner Ecosystem

Yesterday, Cisco announced that it is teaming with security industry leaders including Lancope to empower customers with greater network visibility and advanced identity and device awareness for combating sophisticated threats. Through its new Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid), Cisco is enabling Lancope and other partners to share valuable security information back and forth between its systems, as well as among its various partners to foster a stronger, more collaborative approach to network security. READ MORE

Lancope to Present at FIRST Conference Next Week

Next week, Lancope’s Technical Product Marketing Manager, Matt McKinley, will make his way to Thailand to discuss insider threats and targeted attacks at the FIRST Conference. During his session on Tuesday, June 18, McKinley will share best practices for detecting malicious insiders and sophisticated, external attackers on the network. READ MORE

NetFlow Training Courses in May

Lancope's University of NetFlow will host four training courses in May in Boston, Montreal, Minneapolis and Chicago. Attendees will learn how to harness the power of NetFlow for dramatically improved network security and risk posture. READ MORE

Lancope’s Analysis of the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Report

Verizon has recently published the 2013 edition of its highly regarded Data Breach Investigations Report. Including analysis of more than 47,000 reported security incidents and 621 confirmed data breaches, the report reveals some very telling statistics and trends involving cyber security. Most importantly, it points to the fact that incident response and network surveillance need to be playing a much bigger role in organizations’ overall security strategies. READ MORE

New APT1/Comment Crew Indicators

StealthWatch Labs has uncovered a new set of technical indicators associated with the APT1 attacks that have not been published in another forum as far as we are aware. READ MORE