Tag: Botnets

New APT1/Comment Crew Indicators

StealthWatch Labs has uncovered a new set of technical indicators associated with the APT1 attacks that have not been published in another forum as far as we are aware. READ MORE

SLIC Threat Feed unveiled by Lancope

Lancope announced this week that it is now offering the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC) Threat Feed to provide enhanced detection capabilities for botnets and advanced malware. READ MORE

Lessons Learned from the New York Times Hack

Unfortunately, The New York Times is not the only organization that has been the victim of a sophisticated, targeted attack of this nature, and it certainly will not be the last as regular drum beat of these kinds of incidents has been reported over the past few years. In order to combat these new and constantly evolving threats, defensive techniques need to adapt. READ MORE

Announcing the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™

Lancope is excited to announce the launch of the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC). The Stealth Watch Labs Intelligence Center is Lancope's computer security research initiative. It is our mission to track computer security threats globally, and use that knowledge to protect Lancope's customers. READ MORE

Day Zero Is How Long??!

We would like to think that vulnerabilities do not remain zero-day for long, particularly if they are in the hands of attackers. Unfortunately, a recent report from Symantec Research Labs indicates that this is not the case. READ MORE