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StealthWatch System Being Showcased at Cisco Live

Tomorrow, Lancope will be featured in two presentations at Cisco Live 2014, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, taking place May 18 – 22 in San Francisco, CA. Lancope’s StealthWatch System collects and analyzes flow data from a wide range of Cisco and other networking technologies to provide comprehensive insight and protection for government and enterprise networks. READ MORE

Cisco Live Melbourne Next Week

Lancope will present two sessions next week at Cisco Live Melbourne -- one on "Advanced Threat Defense Using NetFlow" and one on data center security with Cisco. READ MORE

Lancope to Present and Exhibit at Cisco Live Milan

Next week, Lancope will present and exhibit at Cisco Live Milan. Lancope’s technical marketing engineer, Matt Robertson, will deliver a breakout session on "NetFlow Security Monitoring with StealthWatch" to advise attendees on how to best leverage Lancope’s StealthWatch System to collect and analyze NetFlow, as well as data from Cisco ISE, to drive an investigation into network activity and identify anomalous behaviors and potential threats. READ MORE

Today at Cisco Live: Lancope to Present on Insider Threats and Advanced Attacks

Today at Cisco Live, Lancope’s Matt McKinley will present on the topics of insider threats and advanced attacks. He will discuss recent research on the characteristics and behaviors associated with these attacks, as well as technologies like NetFlow that can be effective for detecting them. READ MORE

Lancope to Present at Cisco Live UK

Lancope will present at Cisco Live UK this week on how to gain in-depth awareness of network and host activity for advanced threat defense. The session, entitled “Advanced Threat Defense using NetFlow and ISE,” will take place on Thursday, January 31, at 5:00 p.m. GMT in the Technical Theater at Cisco Live UK in London. READ MORE