Tag: Cyber Espionage

APT Number One

This week's Mandiant report goes a long way in making the case that well-funded, sophisticated attackers are currently staffed for the purpose of stealing corporate trade secrets. The report also reveals a fundamental problem in the operational preparedness of enterprises to detect these types of attacks. READ MORE

The Changing Nature of Incident Response, Part 2

We have become too reliant upon fully automated systems to detect and stop computer security breaches. People naturally desire a solution that will prevent all security incidents from occurring in the first place, but is it really reasonable to expect fully automated solutions to stop sophisticated attacks? READ MORE

Lessons Learned from the New York Times Hack

Unfortunately, The New York Times is not the only organization that has been the victim of a sophisticated, targeted attack of this nature, and it certainly will not be the last as regular drum beat of these kinds of incidents has been reported over the past few years. In order to combat these new and constantly evolving threats, defensive techniques need to adapt. READ MORE

Network Security School of Fort Knox: Part 5

One thing we can learn from reading police blotters is that not all attackers are the same. Let’s take a look at the various characteristics of would-be robbers of Fort Knox, and how they compare to the different types of attackers trying to access your network. READ MORE