Tag: Data Exfiltration

School of NBAD: NBAD Host Anomaly Detection

By creating thresholds for acceptable behavior on different types of hosts across the network, NBAD can alert security analysts to advanced attacks or insiders threats. READ MORE

Lessons Learned from the New York Times Hack

Unfortunately, The New York Times is not the only organization that has been the victim of a sophisticated, targeted attack of this nature, and it certainly will not be the last as regular drum beat of these kinds of incidents has been reported over the past few years. In order to combat these new and constantly evolving threats, defensive techniques need to adapt. READ MORE

Being the Hunters and Not the Hunted

2012 was a banner year for sophisticated attacks. Even with an IPS at every major intersection of the network, AV on the endpoints, DLP and a pitbull, hackers are still remarkably successful. Lancope can offer the security, visibility and context to be the hunter and not the prey. READ MORE

Anatomy of an SQL Injection

Intelligent NetFlow analysis can provide deep visibility into an SQL injection at several stages of the assault. The mitigation can be automatic or authorized by an operator. Mitigation can range from blocking the traffic at a firewall to advanced actions including routing traffic into a Honeynet. NetFlow analysis provides the actionable intelligence needed to prevent, mitigate and respond to data exfiltration of this type. READ MORE

Lancope and Cisco – Delivering Unprecedented Network Visibility and Security

Lancope has been collecting and analyzing NetFlow for both security and network performance since 2000, and in the process, has built a very strong and collaborative relationship with Cisco (the creator of NetFlow) to deliver unprecedented situational awareness for large, global enterprises. READ MORE