Tag: Denial Of Service Attacks

School of NBAD Series: NBAD Relationship Anomaly Detection

Observing specific traffic relationships on the network can reveal data theft, advanced threats and denial of service. READ MORE

School of NBAD Series: NBAD Behavioral Detection

NBAD monitoring of host behaviors on a network requires the use of sophisticated counters and indices. This method of advanced detection allows mature NBAD solutions to catch recon, targeted botnet infection and DDoS attacks. READ MORE

When DDoS Happens to Good Networks

DDoS is difficult to defend against for at least three reasons, (1)innate vulnerabilities, (2)blocking the mob and (3)finding the perpetrators. The continued evolution of DDoS toolsets and their wide distribution through hacktivists and botnet-controlled machines requires not only mitigation solutions, but also network visibility that can make sense out of the fog that rises during a denial-of-service attack. READ MORE

SLIC Launches Internet Scanning and DDoS Victim Threat Scope Maps

StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center launches two new threat scope maps! One showing where we’ve seen devices that are scanning the Internet and the other showing sources of denial of service backscatter. READ MORE