Tag: Identity Awareness

User-Centric Investigations

Traditionally, network security tools focused on the malicious behavior of the endpoints. In recent months, it has become increasingly important to look at the human operators behind those computers. READ MORE

Cisco Adds Lancope to New Security Technology Partner Ecosystem

Yesterday, Cisco announced that it is teaming with security industry leaders including Lancope to empower customers with greater network visibility and advanced identity and device awareness for combating sophisticated threats. Through its new Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid), Cisco is enabling Lancope and other partners to share valuable security information back and forth between its systems, as well as among its various partners to foster a stronger, more collaborative approach to network security. READ MORE

Forrester Endorses Lancope and Cisco Approach for Combating Advanced Threats

According to a Forrester Consulting Technology Adoption Profile commissioned by Lancope and Cisco, “Enlightened organizations have adopted network flow analysis capabilities to augment their preventative controls, but fail to include the additional context necessary to truly identify malicious activity within their networks.” While there are many solutions on the market that simply collect and store flow data, or even provide basic analysis, Lancope’s StealthWatch System provides the additional context called for by Forrester. READ MORE

StealthWatch Goes Beyond Signatures; Detects the Weird

Robert Lemos recently put together a great article for Dark Reading detailing the increasing need for organizations to move beyond typical signature-based, hardened perimeters in order to “detect the weird.” Lancope of course has been on the edge of this wave for several years, providing anomaly detection down to the host level utilizing what we refer to as the Concern Index (CI). READ MORE

Lancope and Cisco – Delivering Unprecedented Network Visibility and Security

Lancope has been collecting and analyzing NetFlow for both security and network performance since 2000, and in the process, has built a very strong and collaborative relationship with Cisco (the creator of NetFlow) to deliver unprecedented situational awareness for large, global enterprises. READ MORE