Tag: Incident Response

Tom Cross on KUCI’s “Privacy Piracy” Radio Show

Listen to the interview with Lancope's Director of Security Research, Tom Cross, to learn about the various ways attackers are infiltrating retail networks – from targeting insecure wireless networks, to installing malware on cash registers, to stealing valid access credentials, just to name a few. READ MORE

5 Myths About NetFlow

With all the good NetFlow brings, there are still some misconceptions about NetFlow that need to be dispelled. Here are 5 myths of NetFlow analysis. READ MORE

SC Magazine Europe Names Lancope a Finalist in Two Annual Awards Categories

Lancope’s StealthWatch System has been selected as a finalist in the Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection and Best Computer Forensics Solution categories of the 2014 SC Magazine Awards Europe. The SC Magazine Europe awards presentation will take place on the evening of Tuesday, April 29 in London. READ MORE

Next week’s webinar: The OODA Loop – A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

Join Lancope’s CTO, TK Keanini, for a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, March 26, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern to learn how the OODA Loop – a cyclical process for Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action – can be used to build a more comprehensive defense strategy for today’s enterprise networks. READ MORE

Cisco Live Melbourne Next Week

Lancope will present two sessions next week at Cisco Live Melbourne -- one on "Advanced Threat Defense Using NetFlow" and one on data center security with Cisco. READ MORE