Tag: Insider Threat

Network Security School of Fort Knox

Many parallels can be drawn between the physical security at Fort Knox and network security best practices. Over the next several weeks, I will be discussing each of these parallels through a series of blog posts. Let’s start our discussion by looking at perimeter defenses. READ MORE

Internal Visibility for Detecting Financial Fraud

A recent article in Dark Reading uncovered some alarming insights surrounding insider breaches in the financial sector, as first reported by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute. For example, the report uncovered that insider fraud in the financial industry typically goes on for more than two years before detection. These types of insights highlight a prevalent issue surrounding today’s network security – a lack of in-depth visibility into the internal network. READ MORE

Lancope Educates IT Professionals on NetFlow for Security and Performance

Lancope announced this week several free opportunities for IT professionals to learn how NetFlow can help them achieve high levels of network security and performance. READ MORE

NetFlow-Based Security – It’s Nothing New to Lancope!

In the wake of high-profile attacks like Flame and DNSChanger, and evolving network challenges such as BYOD, more vendors are beginning to incorporate NetFlow-based security monitoring into their repertoires. As a provider of flow-based security monitoring since 2000, Lancope is excited to see this momentum in the marketplace, but we feel that it is important to distinguish our solution from some of the new/add-on solutions out there to limit industry confusion. READ MORE