Tag: Internal Host Reputation

In Network Security, the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Lately, the news is plastered full of stories about outside attackers who have made their way inside a network. The question is: while many security teams are on high alert waiting for IDS/IPS alarms to sound, who's watching the inside? READ MORE

The Launch of StealthWatch 6.3 at RSA Conference

Lancope launched StealthWatch 6.3 last week at RSA 2013 in San Francisco, CA. With perimeters vanishing and traditional tools no longer enough to address challenges like APTs, advanced malware, BYOD and others, RSA attendees were chomping at the bit to find a new solution for obtaining greater network visibility and security. READ MORE

Upcoming Webinar: Internal Host Reputation for Combating Advanced Threats

Next week, Lancope will host a complimentary webinar on Internal Host Reputation for combating advanced cyber threats. While many vendors offer tools to track nefarious external hosts lurking on the Internet, Lancope uniquely provides the means to also uncover, rank and alarm on employees and other users conducting bad behavior inside the network. READ MORE