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Upcoming Webinar: Internal Host Reputation for Combating Advanced Threats

Next week, Lancope will host a complimentary webinar on Internal Host Reputation for combating advanced cyber threats. While many vendors offer tools to track nefarious external hosts lurking on the Internet, Lancope uniquely provides the means to also uncover, rank and alarm on employees and other users conducting bad behavior inside the network. READ MORE

Forrester Endorses Lancope and Cisco Approach for Combating Advanced Threats

According to a Forrester Consulting Technology Adoption Profile commissioned by Lancope and Cisco, “Enlightened organizations have adopted network flow analysis capabilities to augment their preventative controls, but fail to include the additional context necessary to truly identify malicious activity within their networks.” While there are many solutions on the market that simply collect and store flow data, or even provide basic analysis, Lancope’s StealthWatch System provides the additional context called for by Forrester. READ MORE

Internal IP Reputation for Combating Advanced Threats

The link between network visibility and network security is critical to tackling threats facing networks today. Lancope’s StealthWatch System, unlike other solutions such as Riverbed Cascade, provides the missing security piece of network visibility. READ MORE