Tag: Malware Analysis

Webinar Follow-up: “Reverse Engineering Malware: A Look Inside Operation Tovar”

Last Thursday we hosted a webinar entitled “Reverse Engineering Malware: A Look Inside Operation Tovar.” The recording and slides have been posted to our web site, and here is the Q&A from the webinar. READ MORE

Hospitals are Bleeding Data

Healthcare organizations have become a prime target for exploit. Intelligent Network Security Visibility and forensic logging can make it much more difficult for attackers to succeed. READ MORE

Visual Investigations of Botnet Command and Control Behavior

Lancope's research looks at a collection of nearly two million unique botnet malware samples in an attempt to better understand how botnets use the Internet to communicate. Lancope created visualizations of the TCP and UDP ports that these malware samples used for command and control communications between 2010 and 2012, and compared that information to legitimate network traffic in a typical small office environment. Significant differences in the utilization of different ports are immediately noticeable from the images that Lancope created. READ MORE