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Are My Computers for Rent?

In a recent blog entry, Brian Krebs revealed that a Russian-based service is selling the IP addresses, usernames and passwords of computers inside organizations including Fortune 500 companies using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In the comments section, some readers asked how they can check if their servers are listed in the service’s database. While there certainly is merit in that type of diligence, they could better answer that question by reviewing their own network surveillance data. It is a question that intelligent analysis of enterprise NetFlow/IPFIX can quickly answer. READ MORE

Announcing the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™

Lancope is excited to announce the launch of the StealthWatch Labs Intelligence Center™ (SLIC). The Stealth Watch Labs Intelligence Center is Lancope's computer security research initiative. It is our mission to track computer security threats globally, and use that knowledge to protect Lancope's customers. READ MORE

It’s official: The Internet is not safe.

Organizations need to look beyond conventional, reactive defenses and invest in next-generation monitoring technologies that provide in-depth network visibility and threat intelligence for proactive incident response. READ MORE

What’s leaving your network could be more important than what’s coming in

Malware, Keyloggers and Remote Access Trojans: What’s leaving your network could be more important than what’s coming in Malware, keyloggers and Remote Access Trojans (RAT) are old news at this point in terms of their application and the potential they harbor for adverse effects on an enterprise network once they’re in place. In fact, just this week, the FBI and IC3 reported that all of those pieces are currently being utilized to steal login credentials and initiate unauthorized wire transfers from financial institutions, in some cases reaching as high as USD $900,000 for a single transfer. In instances where these transactions have… READ MORE

Flame Virus Attacking Middle East

There has been a flurry of discussion this week about a recently discovered malware called Flame. Security controls that are based on detecting known threats are not sufficient to protect our networks against this kind of attack. NetFlow monitoring and anomaly detection can play a key role in enabling more rapid detection of these types of attacks. READ MORE