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Identifying Past Heartbleed Attacks with the StealthWatch System

One of the concerns that has been raised about the Heartbleed vulnerability is that it was introduced into the OpenSSL code base several years ago, and it’s possible that some attackers were aware of it and launching attacks before it was publicly disclosed this week. This post explains how to use the Lancope StealthWatch System to identify flows associated with Heartbleed attacks. READ MORE

Lancope Presenting at AIM Infotec Next Week

Next Wednesday, April 16, Lancope Senior Systems Engineer Charles Herring will present a session entitled "2013 Breaches Caught by Network Behavioral Anomaly Detection" at the AIM Infotec conference in Omaha, Nebraska. READ MORE

Lancope Presentation at InfoSec World Conference Next Week

Next Monday, April 7, Lancope Senior Systems Engineer Andy Wilson will deliver a presentation on “Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails” at the InfoSec World Conference in Orlando, FL. The presentation will provide conference attendees with best practices for increasing their network security. READ MORE

How to Configure NetFlow:  Cisco NX-OS devices

Step by step instructions on how to configure NetFlow on Cisco NX-OS devices. READ MORE

StealthWatch 6.5 – Dynamic Flow Analysis

The new dynamic flow analysis functionality in the Lancope StealthWatch System 6.5 was designed to support the fluid nature of an investigation, allowing a investigator to quickly and easily search flow data, filter the results to those flows of interest and easily visualize what has happened on the network. READ MORE