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Lessons Learned from the New York Times Hack

Unfortunately, The New York Times is not the only organization that has been the victim of a sophisticated, targeted attack of this nature, and it certainly will not be the last as regular drum beat of these kinds of incidents has been reported over the past few years. In order to combat these new and constantly evolving threats, defensive techniques need to adapt. READ MORE

When It Comes to Security, Collaboration Is Key in 2013

Collaborative initiatives will become increasingly critical as threat actors become more organized and attacks grow in sophistication. How can you incorporate greater collaboration into your security strategy to stay ahead of advanced attackers in 2013? READ MORE

Cover Your Back Against Mac Attacks

As Mac users struggle with recently-reported security concerns, enterprises that have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy should also bolster their defenses. In today’s fast-paced computing era where convenience, mobility and IT consumerization reign, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT administrators to keep track of and properly secure all of the devices – including laptops – that enter the corporate environment. The only viable solution to this BYOD challenge is NetFlow. Already inherent in routers and switches, NetFlow can provide in-depth insight into every activity happening across the network. READ MORE

Estimating NetFlow volume

Customers often ask "how much NetFlow traffic should we expect to see in our environment?". Unfortunately it's rather difficult to simply pull out a number because so many factors come into play. Here's a quick list of some of the most important factors in no particular order...1. Large number of public IP addressesIf you have a large amount of publically addressable IPs (such as a class B) you will be the victim of bulk scanning more often than an organization with a single class C. Automated scanning from worms and the like are the primary contributors. Each IP scanned will… READ MORE