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The Launch of StealthWatch 6.3 at RSA Conference

Lancope launched StealthWatch 6.3 last week at RSA 2013 in San Francisco, CA. With perimeters vanishing and traditional tools no longer enough to address challenges like APTs, advanced malware, BYOD and others, RSA attendees were chomping at the bit to find a new solution for obtaining greater network visibility and security. READ MORE

Lancope’s Cisco ASA Updates

NSEL data from Cisco ASA provides rich information and unique data points for advanced security troubleshooting. Lancope stitches Cisco ASA NetFlow records together with records from the remainder of the network, allowing StealthWatch users to understand not just the transaction path for network traffic, but also what happened to those transactions when they were handled by the ASA. Lancope has also recently added StealthWatch support for the NAT translations available from NSEL records. READ MORE

StealthWatch 6.1 – Now with ASA Flows

While I was attending Cisco Live a few weeks back I had more than a few people come up to the booth skeptical of what we meant when we said StealthWatch added support for the flow records from the ASA. I'm happy to say the people I spoke with had very positive comments about the way StealthWatch consumes this flow feed. A number of them asked why everyone didn't process the records the way we did. The issue is that while the ASA outputs statistics using a NetFlow export, the data contained within it wasn’t quite the same as a… READ MORE