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Network Visibility is a Key Ingredient for Combating Attacks Against Retail Organizations

Retailers are under attack, and as the rate and severity of these attacks escalate, we need to look beyond the bare minimum requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Lancope’s StealthWatch System provides retailers with an effective and economical way to get comprehensive network visibility so that they can take control of what’s happening inside their organizations, detect suspicious data transfers, and create audit trails that enable them to investigate activity that might have occurred in the past. READ MORE

How NetFlow Strengthens Retail Environments

Over the past several months, Lancope has witnessed a growing interest in NetFlow collection and analysis from retail organizations, largely as a result of increasingly stringent PCI DSS requirements and enforcement. For achieving PCI compliance and maintaining strong network performance and security, it is no longer enough for retail organizations to secure the perimeter, develop policies and hope for the best. Today, retailers need increased visibility into the internal network to ensure that policies are being followed and that employees or others are not conducting activities that put the network and confidential customer data at risk. Retail outlets are ideal… READ MORE