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Reigning in External Services with NetFlow

By utilizing NetFlow data, external services can be accurately monitored. Reporting on usage from locations, business units and users can be quickly resolved via StealthWatch dashboards. As more services move to the Internet it is important to ensure visibility into organizational data is not lost. READ MORE

Spear Phish Detection and Response

Spear phishing is an effective attack vector used by attackers to steal user data. The challenge of training all corporate personnel to detect this type of attack is not currently possible. Intelligent behavioral analysis of NetFlow with StealthWatch can provide visibility into each step of these types of attacks, validate enforcement efficiency and provide critical data for incident response READ MORE

In Network Security, the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Lately, the news is plastered full of stories about outside attackers who have made their way inside a network. The question is: while many security teams are on high alert waiting for IDS/IPS alarms to sound, who's watching the inside? READ MORE

What’s leaving your network could be more important than what’s coming in

Malware, Keyloggers and Remote Access Trojans: What’s leaving your network could be more important than what’s coming in Malware, keyloggers and Remote Access Trojans (RAT) are old news at this point in terms of their application and the potential they harbor for adverse effects on an enterprise network once they’re in place. In fact, just this week, the FBI and IC3 reported that all of those pieces are currently being utilized to steal login credentials and initiate unauthorized wire transfers from financial institutions, in some cases reaching as high as USD $900,000 for a single transfer. In instances where these transactions have… READ MORE

Executive Q&A: Adam Powers, CTO

As CTO of Lancope, Adam Powers is a leading innovator in the development of flow-based network and security monitoring solutions. He possesses over a decade of operational and engineering experience in enterprise IP security technologies, including tenure as a Sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps.                           Major IT Trends Facing Today’s Enterprises 1.      What are the major IT trends that will affect enterprise network management and security in the future? The following three trends have already begun to make quite an impact on enterprise networks, but I believe their impact will continue to grow over the coming years. IT Consumerization:… READ MORE