Tag: Security Operations

Spear Phish Detection and Response

Spear phishing is an effective attack vector used by attackers to steal user data. The challenge of training all corporate personnel to detect this type of attack is not currently possible. Intelligent behavioral analysis of NetFlow with StealthWatch can provide visibility into each step of these types of attacks, validate enforcement efficiency and provide critical data for incident response READ MORE

In Network Security, the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Lately, the news is plastered full of stories about outside attackers who have made their way inside a network. The question is: while many security teams are on high alert waiting for IDS/IPS alarms to sound, who's watching the inside? READ MORE

NetFlow for PCI Compliance and Beyond

More and more, companies are recognizing the value of flow data for demonstrating compliance with the PCI DSS standard. Due to the broad range of network coverage and capabilities offered by flow-based technologies like Lancope’s StealthWatch, they provide a very efficient, cost-effective means of achieving and maintaining compliance with many of the PCI DSS requirements. Many organizations are also realizing that flow collection and analysis can do more than just help them comply, also significantly improving their network and security operations above and beyond the minimum requirements. Financial services is obviously one industry in which flow-based technologies are gaining increased… READ MORE