Lancope’s Tom Cross on by Angela Frechette Cannon

This week, features an article by Lancope’s director of security research, Tom Cross, who discusses five key network security challenges for 2013. According to article, “With each passing year, the security threats facing computer networks have become more technically sophisticated, better organized and harder to detect. At the same time, the consequences of failing to block these attacks have increased. In addition to the economic consequences of financial fraud, we are seeing real-world attacks that impact the reliability of critical infrastructure and national security.”

Tom goes on to discuss the following major challenges that IT and security professionals will have to face in the coming year:

  1. State-sponsored espionage and sabotage of computer networks
  2. Monster DDoS attacks
  3. The loss of visibility and control created by IT consumerization and the cloud
  4. The password debacle
  5. Insider threats

According to Tom, 2013 promises to be another challenging year for security professionals, but being adequately prepared to address these threats will help keep businesses running and critical infrastructure secure. The full article can be accessed here.