First Annual VISION User Conference by Mike Potts

This week we are welcoming a significant number of Lancope customers and partners to our first annual “VISION” user conference in Atlanta. We are excited to share with them a plethora of strategic best practices for network security, as well as obtain their impressions on the cyber threat landscape.

The state of cyber security has reached a critical point at which no organization is immune to attack. Organizations cannot rely on reactive, set-it-and-forget-it security measures; they must take a much more proactive role in understanding and keeping their networks protected from the latest threats. By providing in-depth visibility into network activity, Lancope helps enterprises become strategically aware of what is happening within their infrastructure. Now is a perfect time to gather various security industry experts and end users to further our collective insight into the world of today’s advanced attackers.

The VISION user conference features a full schedule of keynotes and presentations from Lancope, customer and industry experts. A sampling of the sessions to be presented at the conference includes:

  • Keynote: Incident Response Recent Findings – Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman & Founder, Ponemon Institute                                                                   
  • Keynote: Threat Landscape and Future Applications of NetFlow – Tom Cross, Director of Security Research, Lancope
  • A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security – TK Keanini, CTO, Lancope            
  • Emerging Technology: Cloud & SDN – TK Keanini, CTO, Lancope / Kerry Armistead, VP, Product Management, Lancope

In addition to participating in a wide variety of educational sessions, attendees will also have the opportunity to 1) hear about Lancope’s future product roadmap, 2) share their feedback on our products and services via focus groups, 3) obtain free training and consulting, and 4) network with Lancope experts and industry peers during lunches and special evening events. Attendees will learn how to maximize the use of NetFlow and other types of flow data within their environment to dramatically enhance network visibility and security. We look forward to seeing all of our conference participants this week!

For further details on the conference, go to: More information on leveraging Lancope’s StealthWatch System to fend off advanced threats can be found here.