Lancope's StealthWatch and Cisco for In-depth Network Visibility
and Advanced Security Context

Increase Network Visibility, Improve Mobile Security
and Bolster Secure Borderless Network Systems

Featuring full, native Flexible NetFlow support and wireless LAN capabilities, the Catalyst 3850 significantly expands upon Cisco’s Borderless Network architecture. 

With this switch, enterprises will no longer have to tunnel traffic from wireless access points (APs) to a central controller. Instead they can terminate wireless traffic on an edge switch, where they will be able to secure and manage both wired and wireless traffic.

By jointly deploying the new Cisco Catalyst 3850 and Catalyst 4500E and Lancope’s StealthWatch System, organizations gain in-depth visibility across all network segments, hosts and devices is key for staying a step ahead of today’s sophisticated attackers.

With StealthWatch, organizations can more effectively identify and combat evolving threats including DDoS, zero-day, insider and APT attacks. Advanced capabilities including mobile, identity, application and virtual awareness extend comprehensive security beyond conventional boundaries for improved risk management.

Lancope has completed interoperability verification testing required by Cisco.


Lancope’s StealthWatch System collects and analyzes Cisco NetFlow for dramatically improved network security, performance, forensics and compliance.

Advanced capabilities including identity, application, virtual and mobile awareness enable users to uncover evolving attacks such as insider threats and APTs, as well as address new network challenges including BYOD and cloud computing.

NetFlow Monitoring with Lancope and Cisco

Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution Featuring StealthWatch

In today’s environment of IT consumerization and user mobility, traditional, reactive security measures can no longer be relied upon to preserve enterprise network integrity and safety.

Lancope and Cisco are delivering advanced, proactive security solutions that offer better, more cost-effective protection both now and for the future. Security analysts gain visibility into advanced cyber threats such as:

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Cisco Cyber Threat Defense
Features Lancope StealthWatch



More information on the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution can be found here.


Combining the unique line-rate Cisco NetFlow telemetry capabilities from Cisco infrastructure devices with the analysis capabilities of Lancope’s StealthWatch System enables enhanced threat visibility in the network interior where threat defense deployments are often minimal." - Cisco Systems

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"NetFlow is an extremely useful and underused tool for maintaining and troubleshooting enterprise networks. Lancope captures the full power of NetFlow without requiring extensive time or resources from IT teams. In-depth flow data, application analysis and an easy-to-understand, graphical user interface make StealthWatch 6.0 a versatile tool for monitoring and responding to a wide variety of incidents.”  - Cisco Systems

Extending Behavioral Analytics to the Perimeter for Greater Contextual Awareness

Correlating flow data from the internal network with intelligence from perimeter devices such the firewalls provides an additional layer of visibility and security context for detecting advanced threats. This visibility and intelligence is further enhanced when firewall data is collected from the Cisco ASA. While firewalls traditionally export data via Syslog, the ASA provides much richer information and unique data points via the NSEL protocol.

By collecting and analyzing data from Cisco ASA with Lancope’s StealthWatch System, organizations can:

  • Increase visibility and security context at the network edge
  • Consume and stitch together NAT data to more accurately pinpoint the source of issues such as MPAA/RIAA copyright infringements
  • Audit firewall rules through flow analysis
  • Achieve better performance and scalability for network and security monitoring
  • Save vast amounts of time and money spent correlating data points from various sources
  • More confidently demonstrate compliance with regulations such as PCI

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ASA Support with StealthWatch 6.1 



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Combining Internal and Perimeter Monitoring
for Improved Contextual Awareness

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NetFlow Security Monitoring

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