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ArcSight and Lancope Partner to Improve Network Awareness and Security Postures

ATLANTA, FEBRUARY 22, 2005 - Lancope, Inc., the leading provider of Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and Response solutions, and ArcSight, the leading provider of enterprise security management software, today announced that ArcSight’s ESM™ security information management platform has added support for StealthWatch by Lancope, enhancing network security and visibility for joint customers. T he seamless integration between StealthWatch and ArcSight ESM allows customers to protect their critical information assets by rapidly detecting zero-day attacks, successfully containing threats and prioritizing remediation efforts.

Lancope’s award-winning behavior-based network security system enables companies to proactively discover and eliminate zero-day attacks, internal misuse and unnecessary network exposures before they can be exploited . StealthWatch continuously monitors network behavior, detects anomalies and isolates known and unknown threats. StealthWatch collects, categorizes and analyzes network traffic to create comprehensive security intelligence at both network and host levels. By correlating and prioritizing network traffic, StealthWatch provides ArcSight ESM with detailed and contextual intelligence for continuous assessment of network health and security postures.

Armed with this information, customers have enhanced network awareness that enables them to minimize the risk of potential attacks, accelerate response time when attacks occur and take control of security management across the enterprise. Customers turn to ArcSight for a comprehensive solution that centrally manages their information risk and protects critical assets. ArcSight helps the world’s largest enterprises manage security information for internal and external threat management and compliance reporting.

“Lancope remains dedicated to delivering solutions that enable customers to enhance their network security posture while leveraging their investments in their existing network and security infrastructure,” said Harland LaVigne, Chairman, President and CEO of Lancope. “By integrating with leading enterprise security management vendors like ArcSight, Lancope enables network and security teams to operate more effectively and efficiently when responding to threats and to proactively address exposures before they can be exploited. Our unique behavior-based detection capabilities are a powerful complement to ArcSight’s enterprise-wide security management technology.”

“We are focused on providing enterprises with a centralized and comprehensive solution for understanding the security posture of their organization so security groups and business managers can take coordinated, timely and effective action,” said  Lars Graefe, Director of Business Development at ArcSight. “Integrating Lancope’s network behavior anomaly detection adds an unique layer of intelligence to this centralized view, identifying previously unknown threats from the outside as well as on the inside of your network. Joint customers of our technologies will find significant value in this integration.”

About Arcsight

ArcSight, Inc. is the leading provider of Enterprise Security Management (ESM) solutions. Winner of CMP’s Network Computing Editor’s Choice and Network World Best of Tests awards, and included in Gartner ’s Leader Quadrant, ArcSight ESM 3.0 enables enterprises to centrally manage information risk. By comprehensively collecting and analyzing security data, ArcSight ESM 3.0 provides accurate, real time internal, external threat management and compliance reporting. ArcSight customers include companies in the Fortune top 5 of financial services, banking, telecommunications, high-technology, retail, healthcare and biotech industries - and more than 20 of the top 30 federal agencies.

About Lancope

Lancope is the leading provider of NBAD solutions that defeat zero-day worms, internal network misuse and other anomalies that compromise network integrity. Lancope’s StealthWatch integrates security and network management technology to reduce network risks and maximize network availability by rapidly identifying, prioritizing, mitigating and resolving critical threats, whether new or well-known. Both OPSEC and Common Criteria certified, StealthWatch was named InfoWorld’s 2005 Technology of the Year and finalist for Network Computing Magazine’s 2004 Well Connected Awards. Additionally, it has received outstanding reviews from InfoWorld, eWeek and CRN magazines. Defending the networks of Global 2000 organizations, academic institutions and government entities, Lancope’s StealthWatch protects over 150 enterprise customers and 15 million hosts worldwide. Lancope is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, call 888-419-1462 or visit