Transforming Network Visibility & Security

NetFlow 101: Flow Telemetry Introduction

Breakfast (provided by Lancope)

NetFlow Basics

  • What Is NetFlow and How Does It Work?
  • Getting More Details with a StealthWatch FlowSensor
  • Available Performance Statistics
  • Application Identification and URL Data
  • Overcoming Common NetFlow Challenges
    • Flow Stitching, De-Duplication, and NAT Stitching
  • Common Network Operations Staff Uses for Flow Data
Break / Networking

Hands-on Training Labs

  • Lab 1: NetFlow Configuration of Routers
  • Lab 2: Accessing Data Via the StealthWatch Console
  • Lab 3: Troubleshooting a Network Performance Issue

NetFlow 201: Advanced Security Applications of NetFlow Data

NetFlow and Security Innovation

  • The Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Today’s Networking Security Challenges
    • BYOD, DDoS, APT, etc.
  • Integrating Identity into Flow Data
  • Combating “Normal” Communication used Maliciously
Lunch (provided by Lancope)

Changing How We Look at Security and “Winning”

  • The Value of an Intrusion Audit Trail
  • Today’s Defense in Depth Challenges (Lost Credentials)
  • Understanding and Applying the “Kill Chain” Concept
  • StealthWatch’s Threat Feed and Combatting APT’s
  • Using Flow Data to Prevent/Detect Common Attack Types

Hands-on Training Labs

  • Lab 4: Malware on the Corporate Network
  • Lab 5: Data Loss Analysis
  • Lab 6: Identifying a DDoS Attack

Who Should Attend?

  • Security Engineer, Manager, Admin, Analyst
  • Systems/Security Analyst, Auditor, Architects
  • Network Engineer, Manager, Admin, Analyst
  • Other Titled IT Professionals

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