StealthWatch Monitors and Protects Manufacturing  

Learn how OldCastle relies on StealthWatch for NetFlow to improve network visibility, security and performance

Manufacturing companies typically handle massive complex networks with multiple segments, and often geographically dispersed networks. Administrators not only have to ensure network performance and security, but must also protect the company’s intellectual property (IP), such as new product designs or prototype information, from being leaked or lost.

How does StealthWatch help?

Lancope’s StealthWatch unifies security, network and application performance monitoring to deliver borderless visibility across physical and virtual networks. The system eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs.

Optimizing network performance and security operations, StealthWatch:

  • Ties individual users to suspicious file transfers / downloads, such as confidential company information
  • Allows — through StealthWatch’s unique Point-of-View™ — IT, network and security staff (across multiple network segments) to have a single, common source of essential network and security data — significantly reducing the cost, time and resources spent on incident response
  • Supports highly segmented, high speed internal networks and fully meshed network environments
  • Maintains network availability, integrity and performance of crucial business processes
  • Identifies policy violations, unauthorized activity/applications, misconfigured hosts, and other rogue devices
  • Isolates the root cause of problems on the network
  • Pinpoints zero-day and unknown threats that bypass perimeter security
  • Discovers and inventories the underlying assets of the corporate network
  • Allows detailed network performance analysis for capacity planning

OldCastle Architectural Product Group (APG) Deploys StealthWatch

OldCastle ArchitecturePreviously, Oldcastle APG had no way to visualize who or what was causing network slowdowns, and internal IT staff used multiple tools in attempt to troubleshoot incidents. With StealthWatch, Oldcastle APG gained a unified view of network and security operations. Now, all regional network managers, helpdesk and network/security engineers at Oldcastle APG use StealthWatch to pinpoint the traffic and users associated with network and security issues and expedite problem resolution.

“StealthWatch enables our support team to make strategic decisions about network and security management based on a unified view of network, security and user information across the enterprise,” said Tony Jaroszewski, Network/Security Engineer for Oldcastle APG. “Not only does it provide network performance monitoring to ensure our applications run optimally, but StealthWatch also identifies internal and external threats through behavior-based algorithms.”

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