StealthWatch Monitors and Protects Retail Environments

Today's retail organizations must manage highly distributed networks, deliver peak levels of operational efficiency and risk management to hundreds of remote stores, and achieve compliance with PCI and other regulations – all while significantly contributing to business innovation and the bottom line.

Conventional methods of deploying IDS/IPS or probe devices at remote locations quickly become unrealistic for rapidly growing retailers due to high expenses and the complexity of managing a multitude of devices. With NetFlow collection and analysis tools like Lancope’s StealthWatch® System, retailers do not need to deploy devices at each location. Instead, they can cost-effectively gain critical visibility throughout their entire organization with as little as a single flow collector.

StealthWatch enables retail organizations to obtain in-depth visibility into network traffic at each remote site for improved operational efficiency and risk management. The system can easily detect both externally-launched attacks such as worms and botnets as well as insider threats including network misuse, policy violations, misconfigured devices and data leakage. StealthWatch also vastly improves network performance by providing valuable insight into traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization across the entire enterprise. Additionally, the system delivers the levels of visibility, accountability and measurability required to confidently demonstrate compliance with PCI and other industry regulations.

StealthWatch delivers performance, security and proof of regulatory compliance by:

  • Providing unique, real-time views of network usage, network performance and host integrity
  • Maintaining network availability and performance crucial to business process integrity
  • Quickly pinpointing internal threats, unauthorized activity and unauthorized devices that evade traditional security — including the ability to connect events to individual devices and users
  • Detecting, mitigating and resolving external threats, such as new worms and Trojans that bypass firewalls and signature-based security systems
  • Supporting highly segmented, high speed internal networks and fully meshed network environments
  • Discovering and providing an inventory of underlying assets on the corporate network